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We are not just an ad design agency, we are people who care about your success and can help you succeed.


Rūta Čekaitė

Our team

We are a friendly TEAM who believe that positivity, friendliness and a careful process management is the face of ADFACE. ADFACE is primarily a group of people who enjoy working together, yet at the same time, we are a group of talented professionals you can trust: from designers, programmers, to image and text authors, and project managers who accurately manages processes. Through this wide range of talent and professionalism, we can offer extensive services, to ensure quality and keeping up with the deal.

Principles of work

Respect and fairness are very important for us, because these are the qualities that help us earn the trust of our partners so we can maintain long-term relationships.  We have experience in net ads, we are creative, but we understand, that brand character establishes the project and that deadlines are clear lines. We work directly with Lithuanian and foreign companies from different business areas, we also partner with other agencies.

We can create a brand and the ad company from scratch, and for partners who already have design concepts, we quickly adjust it and regularly adapt to different formats and means, in order to keep up with the requirements of the brand.


While paying attention to the content, we look for a balance between creativity and timely response

When the drive matches punctuality and trust is created from effective idea fulfilment and responsibility. When the AD and FACE becomes the main point on your brand, one that best conveys the message, making it recognizable and noticeable. Thus, every partner raises us too, as conveyed in the minimalistic ADFACE logo – clear letters form a stable rectangle, which goes up, symbolising growth and striving for shared goals.

ADFACE Controlled Creation On Time

Then and now

TO CREATE MEMORABLE WEBSITES – this is the slogan we made for our design studio, more than 10 years ago. Working as ADF until 2020, today we are known as ADFACE, specializing in the creation of online advertisements. We keep working towards the goal of earning the trust of our partners – we identify their strengths and unique qualities, so we can recommend on how to reveal, highlight and adapt these qualities to any form of advertising.

It all starts with a conversation

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