We are not just a digital marketing agency, we are people who care about your success and can help you succeed.

We are not just a digital marketing agency, we are people who care about your success and can help you succeed.


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Our goal is to help businesses not only become more visible, but also ensure that every investment in marketing generates new interested customers and orders for the company. We aim to help businesses navigate the colorful digital technology landscape, accept and implement solutions that meet their needs, and increase their visibility, competitive differentiation, and advantage for their target audience.

Our team

Our team is a creative group of colleagues who are knowledgeable about their work and bring together specialists from various marketing fields. Our main focus is to speak a language that both parties understand, clarify real business needs and goals, and select the most effective means of implementing them. We believe that positivity, friendliness, and careful process management are the most prominent features of our agency. We strive to constantly improve to ensure not only quality services, but also adherence to agreements and deadlines.

Work principles

Years of experience (we have been in the market since 2008) have led to the understanding that the most important values are honesty, long-term relationships, mutual understanding, and adherence to commitments.

Our cherished values are best reflected in our team’s slogan: “Controlled creativity on time.”

Our services range from branding and website development to planning, executing, and evaluating advertising campaigns. We also provide social media management, television and video ad creation, and other digital marketing solutions that meet specific business needs.

We work with businesses in various industries in Lithuania and abroad and collaborate with other advertising and marketing agencies on a partnership basis.

We are members:

We are members of the “LiMA” (Lithuanian Marketing Association) and the “Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Crafts” communities. We believe that we can achieve great results through collaboration. We are a socially responsible company, so we collaborate with Lithuanian universities, colleges, and higher education institutions.

Driven by our passion to generate value and benefit, we contribute to the well-being of interns and share our experience. We hope to provide enough skills, patience and guidance to help them start a successful career.

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